Australia is go… in May!

Many of you have asked, and I’m now excited to announce that May 2017 is when Rodan+Fields goes live in Australia. We are currently in our pre-enrolment phase (this provides interested Aussies with a no-obligation opportunity to learn more about the business, including our pricing). 

The Aussie team is growing, and I’d love for you – or someone you know – to join me as we launch in Australia. We have some amazing offers for successful early adopters, including an all expense paid trip to our Convention in Las Vegas in October!

Talk with me today and learn more about how Rodan+Fields might be the right business for you in Australia (and the USA / Canada)!

March Madness – Save 20%

Who would have thought that March would be here already, and I have an amazing March Madness offer for all.

Get a full-size regimen bundled with our outstanding Lash Boost and save 20%!

This offer expires on March 9th, and for anyone signing up for this offer, I will add one of our full size Eye Creams (or another product around the same price point).

So choose a regimen to work with your skin, and get the Lash Boost bundled for a savings of 20%. This is a crazy offer, and limited until March 9th.

Connect with me to order, or visit my website to order directly. What are you waiting for?

Help My Team Glow

… I mean grow. Join Rodan+Fields as we take the final steps to our Australian launch.

Partner with me as a founding Australian consultant, and let me help you successfully grow your business in the coming months. As a business partner, you will be CEO of your own micro-business, and have access to the best training and support to build your success.

Are you ready to launch your new career as a Rodan+Fields Independent Consultant.

Let’s talk.¬†You’ll get to hear my Aussie accent mixed with a little Texas twang.

Aussie Pre-Enrolment Is Open

You’ve heard me talk about Rodan+Fields coming to Australia, and the day has arrived! Well, almost. Rodan+Fields announced that pre-enrolment would open late 2016, with the launch of products and “the business” in early 2017.

So what is pre-enrolment? It is an expression of interest only. There is no commitment to enrol, or payment to be made. You are not signing up as a business partner, or a customer, but you are expressing an interest to be one of the first to get insider tips from our community on how to grow your network before launching your business in 2017.

There is some information available. For example, you can check out what our business kits include (kits are purchased to jump-start your business).

You can also start talking with others to begin building your own team, which is an important step in creating your success. And here is the best part, once you pre-enrol, you get the benefit of a global team to help you with every facet of building your knowledge, your team and your success. When I started my business, I gained this, and it was invaluable … and you can get this earlier through your pre-enrolment.

Is your interest piqued a little? Let me know so we can set a time to chat and help you


LASH BOOST Holiday Bundle Sale

share_lashboost_nov2ndFirst our skin, now our eyes! LASH BOOST is here to revolutionize our lashes and our brows. LASH BOOST Holiday Bundle goes on sale November 2nd. Rodan+Fields newest product is clinically proven to help your lashes become fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking in 60 days! Backed by the phenomenal 60-day guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied send it back for a full refund (you won’t though). *It’s time to make your eyes pop.* We live, interact, and express with our eyes. It’s our best asset. Message me today to learn more and get your order ready for the November 2nd sale!