How Young Are You?

I’d love to say that looking after my skin was the only secret to staying and looking younger, but that would not be true. There are many things that keep us young, or help us stay younger looking. I recently found an article over at Fitness Magazine that shares 10 All-Natural Ways to Stay Young. The article quizzes researchers who were asked to share their stay-young secrets for winding back time naturally. Among the suggestions included:

  • Stress Less – “studies show that stress causes physical changes in the body that can accelerate aging.”
  • Exercise – “Studies cited by the National Institute on Aging demonstrate a connection between physical exercise and better brain power.” A healthy mind and body are both important.
  • Drink Red Wine – “resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of grapes, clearly reduced the risk of diabetes and liver problems … leading to a significant decline in obesity-related deaths.”
  • Sip Green Tea – “green tea was found to reduce the risk of breast cancer and prevent remissions, and now it’s being tested as a way to help prevent bladder, colorectal, and lung cancer recurrence.”
  • Skin Care – “Retinol, a type of vitamin A (and a nonprescription, weaker-strength relative of Retin-A), is considered the most effective over-the-counter treatment to smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles.”

While you think about what you can be doing to help reduce the effects of aging, don’t forget that Retinol (mentioned about) is a key ingredient in Rodan+Fields REDEFINE and REVERSE regimens, and would be the right addition to your daily “staying young” routine.

Whatever you do, keep your attitude young, and try some of the techniques shared in the article and you will be amazed how staying young can be fun and beneficial … especially if there is wine involved.

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