Product Spotlight: SOOTHE

Rodan + Fields Soothe Regimen

Do you see red? Is your skin irritated or sensitive? We’ve got something to help! Rodan+Fields SOOTHE regimen is clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes. Soothe helps fortify skin’s natural moisture barrier, calms visible redness, and reduces irritation so that you can take comfort in having a healthy-looking complexion every day.

Our 4-step regimen includes a gentle wash, a treatment, a soothing moisturizer and a sunscreen, all with ingredients to calm irritation. Even the Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is formulated without chemical sunscreens, fragrance, dyes or alcohol that can irritate sensitive skin.

Step 1 – Gentle Cream Wash: the Soothe cleanser is a really gentle cream wash, and it doesn’t lather too much (lots of foam and lather is often not great for dry or sensitized skins!). Our Gen­tle Cream Wash, is infused with nur­tur­ing ceramides, Aloe and Vit­a­min E. This face wash is really nice because it helps to break down makeup and impurities with sensitive skin.

TIP: dou­bles as a great calm­ing shave lotion to help reduce razor burn for men.

Step 2 – Sensitive Skin Treatment: is a cream-textured treatment that helps to instantly calm and soothe the skin. It has lots of natural extracts, like lavender, chamomile flower extract, sunflower seed oil, and honey extract. These ingredients in combination with peptides and lipids help to balance, calm, and restore the skin. It also has micro optics, which is what helps to instantly reduce & neutralize the appearance of redness.

TIP: to eliminate razor burn, follow shaving immediately with our Sensitive Skin Treatment. A men’s favorite and featured in the R+F Beyond the Shave kit.

Step 3 – Moisture Replenishment Cream: is a moderately-rich formula that helps to hydrate the skin without feeling greasy. It is jam-packed with natural oils and fatty acids, as well as omega 3, 6, and 9, and chamomile to calm fragile, sensitive skin. If you just need a good, neu­tral non-irritating mois­tur­izer that will heal your skin and won’t con­flict with your treat­ment prod­ucts, the Soothe mois­tur­izer is the ideal accom­pa­ni­ment to almost any skin care regimen.

Step 4 – Mineral SPF: is a sunscreen that has no chemical sunscreens, fragrances, dyes or alcohol. This Min­eral UVA/UVB SPF 30 Sun­screen, is a zinc-based for­mula pro­vid­ing broad-spectrum pro­tec­tion and packed with anti-oxidants to defend against envi­ron­men­tal damage. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most CRUCIAL aspects of healthy skin.

Overall, Soothe is wonderfully gentle and nourishing, and instantly helps reduce redness. We have seen so many get relief from their Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea by using Soothe! No need to live any longer with irritated skin!

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