Direct Sales vs. Pyramids – You Decide

Thinking about Rodan+Fields – or another Direct Selling Business – but not really sure how it works, if it is a pyramid scheme or how you can be successful? This news report from ABC 7 (Florida) shows the difference between a legitimate business (like Rodan+Fields) and a pyramid scheme, as well as how the business model works.

After you watch this, ask yourself if this could be something you become involved with, and then talk with me about how I can help you become successful with Rodan+Fields.

I posted the following comment on this news report:

More and more men are becoming business partners with Rodan+Fields. From a business point of view, the Rodan+Fields business model is second to none. Not only do you get to partner with the two doctors that brought the world Proactiv™, the compensation plan and incentives for success are extremely rewarding (as the report says, if you are willing to work hard). Nothing is easy about direct selling, but putting the work in will generate the rewards.

And growth is a huge factor for my joining. Currently Proactiv™ is in 180 countries around the world, and Rodan+Fields is currently in TWO (Australia will join this elite club later this year). The opportunity for growth is phenomenal, and the strategic planning for the R+F expansion is intentional and formulated for the success of your business. Oh, and I use the product and love that I’m managing my aging without medical intervention or injections. Interested to learn more about why I teamed up with Rodan+Fields? Visit