Let’s Talk Retinol

Let’s talk RETINOL. What does it do for you? First of all, retinol is basically vitamin A. It promotes rapid skin cell turnover. We like anything that makes our skin WORK, keeping it healthy & youthful looking. Retinol is a proven skin treatment for many skin concerns ranging from acne to wrinkles. It has been shown to increase collagen production, help fade discolorations from sun damage, & there is even emerging research pointing to it’s potential for building elastin in the skin. I know all of this may sound too good to be true from one ingredient, but there’s an overwhelming amount of research to back up retinol’s anti-aging powers!

Rodan+Fields Night Renewing Serum contains .075% of this superstar ingredient, but because of R+F’s “encased microsponge technology”, the product is released for up to 12 hours in time-released increments. This process makes the retinol react as if it were a .15% dosage (DOUBLE the actual retinol in the Night Renewing Serum). So your skin is treated over a number of hours giving you MAJOR results! Not to mention your face will feel SILKY SMOOTH after using the Night Renewing Serum!

Pair this with the AMP MD Roller & you have a powerful combo to fight the signs of aging. This is also an amazing combo for scars, pock/acne marks, & loose skin.

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