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Are You Ready to SPARK your journey?

January 27, 2018 james 0

Taking that first step in starting my Rodan+Fields business was both an exciting and partly-terrifying journey. Here I was, about to launch a business in skincare, starting a new life-changing journey, building a network of customers and partners and putting myself out there. Like I said, both exciting and partly-terrifying. And then I was enveloped by the support and to help me with my success, and that terror started to […]

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Direct Sales vs. Pyramids – You Decide

March 10, 2016 james 0

Thinking about Rodan+Fields – or another Direct Selling Business – but not really sure how it works, if it is a pyramid scheme or how you can be successful? This news report from ABC 7 (Florida) shows the difference between a legitimate business (like Rodan+Fields) and a pyramid scheme, as well as how the business model works. After you watch this, ask yourself if this could be something you become […]

Avoiding Bad Habits

February 17, 2016 james 0

In the world of entrepreneurship, some of the most dangerous “habits” are the ones that prevent you from being more successful. Procrastination, self-doubt, fear are all habits that can develop when you are working to make a transition in your life. Of course, when we move through all these, the reality hits us and we ask “why did I wait so long to change that bad habit?” This recent article from Entrepreneur highlights […]